Turning Saw 101

Sawing Curves Should be Slow and Steady

Sawing curves frustrates a lot of people.  Broken blades and ragged, out of control cuts makes so many woodworkers throw their hands up in frustration (and possibly their turning saw across the room)

How to use a turning saw is a classic scenario of do less to do more.  Saw slower to saw faster.  Its tough to get this technique because we often get so focused on following a line that the whole technique falls apart.

In this lesson I show you how to split your line and keep the saw flowing smoothly through even the twistiest curves.  And I dispel the myth that turning saw blades break a lot.  That's just bad technique!

turning saw

In this 15 minute HD video,  I discuss the common mistakes that cause broken blades and ragged cuts and how to fix them when sawing curves with a turning saw.  Plus you get a little peek inside the vibrant Hand Tool School community that you will join when purchasing this lesson.

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