Hi I’m Shannon Rogers, you may know me from my podcast and blog, The Renaissance Woodworker or as one of the hosts of Wood Talk. My overwhelming passion for woodworking was never going to be contained to my own shop. What started as building and selling on the craft show circuit and making furniture, turned into a blog and podcast and online school. These days I run the marketing for a large lumber company and by night and weekend you will find me in my shop.

I love 18th century styles of furniture, specifically the Queen Anne style, but I cannot just stick to that period. I have been known to build Shaker, Arts & Crafts, Greene & Greene, Asian, and Contempory pieces as well. As my blog says,

“so many projects, so little time”

The Hand Tool School is my attempt to share my love of hand work and to provide a vehicle for woodworkers to learn how to do things in the most fundamental way possible. A strong grasp of these basics skills will allow you to build anything with few tools and a whole lot of enjoyment.  As your skills and tooling grows I think you will find that these basic skills will continue to help you for the times when your machine can’t.  We all can’t have a 25″ thickness planer right? What I hope more than anything is that we can grow as woodworkers and regain some of the lost skills of our forefather and truly begin working wood instead of just machining it.

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