The Ultimate Beginner Hand Tool Bundle

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introductory hand tool woodworking course

Orientation Semester

beginner woodworking projects

First Projects Semester

heirloom hand tool cabinet

Semester 1

Bundles Our 3 Most Popular Courses 

This course bundle will take you from absolutely zero experience through building your first workbench with a minimal tool kit (we help you assemble that tool kit too), built a few projects to use at your new workbench into building 3 of the most commonly requested furniture projects for the new woodworker.  Then we get serious with a comprehensive course on joinery and hand milling techniques with a 12 different applied projects and an heirloom tool cabinet that combines everything you have learned.  

This bundle of courses will answer all your beginner questions, equip you with the tools and workshop, and set you up to build just about anything you can dream up.  All of it done entirely with hand tools!

Purchased Separately these semesters would total $425 

Sales discounts do not apply, this is already DEEPLY discounted and only available until 1/1/24