The Physics of Cutting Wood

Sell a man a higher angle frog, he planes a board; teach him the physics and he solves woodworking!

If you have listened to any of my podcasts or seen any of my YouTube content you probably have guessed that I'm a great big nerd.  This lesson ups the ante on this.  In essence this lesson is what The Hand Tool School is all about.

I want to teach the how and why of woodworking and not fill everyone with lists of tools and rote methods of executing joinery.  I want to teach you to solve the problems you encounter in your own projects with your own tool set and not try to sell you another tool or, dare I say, a gimmick to fix the problems.

How does a blade cut wood?  Understanding this fundamental thing will help you fix/solve any issue that comes up in your shop.  

In this 70 minute HD video,  I discuss the variables at play when the hand plane, chisel or saw hits the wood and how understanding them will allow you to solve any woodworking problem you face.