3 Tips to a Square Edge by Hand

inner square

Milling your lumber flat and square is a fundamental skill that is an essential step prior to any joinery. Squaring the edges of those boards may even be the most important aspect of the milling process, especially when needing to make wider panels. This seemingly simple task gives so many people trouble and this lesson showcases 3 different techniques (actually 4 techniques if you watch carefully) to get that edge flat and square. Each technique can be used by itself or combined for really stubborn edges. Moreover, I use a different plane for each technique to illustrate that you can get a square edge regardless of your personal hand plane collection.

Included in this Video:

  • How to hold the plane for the best edge
  • How to Diagnose and Correct Your "Lean"
  • Straightening and Squaring Twisted Edges
  • 3 Different Techniques to Tackle the Most Stubborn of Boards
  • PLUS you gain access to the School Tool Library and Community Forum

square an edge
jointing a long edge