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Take any joinery and throw in an angle and immediately people panic.  Now up the ante and make that a compound angle and most woodworkers curl up into a ball and cry.  The mortise and tenon joint is the backbone of furniture construction and simple and compound angle mortise and tenon joints are a mainstay in chair making.  When cut by hand however, the angled mortise and tenon is no more difficult than its standard brother.  The complexity lies in the layout because cutting it is just sawing to a line.  The hand saw does not care what the angle is, after all 90 degrees is still an angle.

In this lesson bundle you will receive EVERY jig, tool, workbench appliance I have built in the school.  Moreover as I build more they will be added to the bundle and you will get to see those too!  Its the bundle that just gets better and better.

Included in this Lesson Bundle:

  • How to layout and cut 3 kinds of angled mortise and tenon joints
  • How to determine if the tenon should be angled or inline
  • How to chop and angled mortise
  • How to layout and cut the twisted, compound angle tenon found in many chair designs.

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