Sheraton Side Table

Sheraton Side Table

Turned Legs, Inlaid Banding, Tricky Internal Construction, Lots 'o Fun

This Sheraton side table draws its inspiration from many different sources.  Certainly the turned legs are pulled straight from a Federal period piece I saw at the Winterthur museum.  But the asymmetric drawers hearken back to Shaker built in furniture.  At the same time, the choice of wood and contrast between the case and drawer front is decidedly contemporary in origin.

The skills covered in this build are extensive with a double tenon construction for the wide case and a complex internal structure for the unusual drawer layout.  Add in turned legs and a shop made banding and inlay and we have lots of fun stuff to cover and learn during this project.

Full Video Instructions plus so much more...

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Part 1: The Design

proportional design

Part 2: Turned Legs

skew turned bead

Part 3: Outer Carcass

carcass construction

Part 4: Internal Construction

Part 5: Glue Up

Part 6: Top & Inlaid Banding

router inlaid banding

Part 7: Drawers

Birdseye maple drawer front

Part 8: Finishing

Inlaid Banding

As Usual, we build it all with hand tools...kinda

No electrons were harmed during the building of this table.  No, that's a lie.  I used my electric mini lathe.  But that's cause most people will have that and not a spring pole or flywheel lathe like weirdos like me.  But if you want one, then check out Semester 5 and I'll show you how to build one and turn by foot power.  The rest of this build however is all hand tools and meat power.

Everything You Need to Build this heirloom table that will expand your skills and wow everyone who sees it