Resawing by Hand

Using a specific Resawing Frame Saw makes the process of resawing fast and efficient without the capacity limitations that come with the average bandsaw.  

Whether you need to turn a thicker board into 2 thinner boards for a beautiful bookmatched panel or you are making thinly sawn veneer to stretch the use of a rare or unique piece lumber, you need to resaw it.  

The woodworker can do this with a bandsaw but like any power tool, there are limits on the capacity of the tool and large boards can be near impossible without an industrial sized machine with a massive footprint and even more massive price tag. Not to mention all the dust and the noise that so many of the hand tool devoted woodworkers are trying to avoid in the first place.  

And so begins the quest to resaw by hand.  

Reaching this goal may very well change your woodworking!

Resawing by hand can be done with any hand saw but it does NOT have to be a slow and tiring process.  But when you use the right tool for the job, you will be amazed at the accuracy and the speed with which you can be cutting shop made veneers 1/8" thick or slicing up 12", 24' or even 36" wide boards into stunning panels with perfect grain and color match.

In this lesson I will teach you the techniques needed to resaw your boards into smaller parts or even thin veneer using nothing but hand saws.  This work can be done with a typical hand saw, but we will build our own frame saw in either a 36 or 48" length, sharpen a coarse toothed blade that can saw with amazing accuracy and speed, and then show you how to use it.  Never again will you think that resawing is hard work.  This saw, used properly, won't have you break a sweat or raise your heart rate in the slightest.

Included in this Lesson:

  • 3 videos, totaling 2 hours of instruction
  • Complete Instructions to Make a 36" or 48" Resawing Frame Saw
  • Parts List and Hardware Sources for the Frame Saw
  • How to Make and Sharpen Your 3 ppi blade
  • How to Use Your Frame saw for resawing
  • PLUS you gain access to the School Tool Library and Community Forum

resawing by hand
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