Master the Mortise & Tenon

A Series of Joinery Courses To Guide You to Tenon Mastery

When the joint fits right off the saw the work goes so much faster.  Projects go together smoothly and quickly.  Considering the mortise and tenon is the most common furniture joint, mastering the joint will greatly improve your woodworking.  

This skill path breaks down the mortise and the tenon separately then brings them together and shows a few of the variations possible.

  • Chopped & Bored Mortises
  • Sawn & Split Tenons
  • Techniques for fitting and fixing
  • A skill assessment project with 9 different tenons
  • An Applied projects with more than 20 tenons

Included in this Skill Track

Plus Additional Content

  •  16 lessons
  •  1 project
  • 1 practice project
  • Sharpening library videos
  • Community Forum
  • Preview access to new technique lessons