Make a Pair of French Style Moulding Planes

The "Roubo Moulding Plane"

Hand cutting (sticking) mouldings is one of my favorite tasks in my wood shop.  But a big limiter is the availability of hollow and round planes.  At one time the vintage market was full of them...not so much any more.  Or there are in terrible shape.  There is some great instruction on the traditional English style moulding plane with a blind wedge mortise.  But this is a bit more daunting construction technique than this French style open mortise style.  

This lesson will have you making and using a pair of hollow and round planes within a day, including creating and heat treating your blade stock.

In the video I make a pair of #5 planes but I show how you can scale this to make any size, or even a whole set.

In this 90 minute HD video,  I walk through the entire process for making a pair of hollow and round planes including sharpening and heat treating the iron.

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