Low Post Bed

4 post queen bed

A Classic 4 Poster Bed with a Contemporary Feel

Build a queen sized four poster bed. This design calls on colonial American four poster designs and adds a contemporary flair suited to the modern household. The traditional octagonal posts with lamb’s tongue carvings are shortened so as not to dominate a smaller bedroom yet still add a high quality, hand made feel.

Guest Bedroom suite

Chapter 1: Introduction

We look at the history of the form and discuss the different ways to build a bed from platform to traditional frame

bed model diagram

Chapter 2: The Design

I break down the design of the bed and discuss the changes to contemporize this form to match the modern bedroom.

Chapter 3: Posts

Octagonal tapers are created and punctuated with lamb's tongue carvings.

planing bed rails

Chapter 4: Rails

Long rails test our milling ability and a round over profiles is stuck into the the edges.

bed headboard

Chapter 5: Headboard

Milling skills are tested again with a 16" wide headboard that is then sawn to shape.  Finally the curves are refined and made ready for finish.

bed bolts

Chapter 6: Assembly

Bed bolts are installed with escutcheon plates and the entire bed is test assembled.

finishing the bed

Chapter 7: Finishing

I use a water based finish for this bed and apply it using a brushing technique.

As usual, we do it all by hand

No electrons were harmed during the building of this bed

  • Comprehensive Video Instruction (over 7 hours) in a easy to reference chaptered format.
  • Parts List
  • SketchUp Model
  • Process Document
  • Community Support
  • Quick Tip Video Archives
  • Sharpening Technique Archive

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