Limbert 244 Table

A Master Class in Learning to Saw and Shape Curves

Charles Limbert is known for his almost whimsical Art & Crafts designs.  Flowing curves that contrast sharply with the Stickley and McIntosh designs and his love of using negative space.  The 244 showcases the Limbert style beautifully and provides an excellent course in cutting curves with a hand saw and learning to use spokeshaves and rasps to refine and sculpt the perfect curves.  The project also is a great opportunity to teach how to derive your plans and templates from a photograph.

This little table will find a place anywhere in your home and blends nicely with whatever style of furniture is already there.  I bet you may even find yourself making several more for friends and family.

Full Video Instructions plus so much more...

  • Sketch Up Model (even though I teach you how to make your own from a photo)
  • PDF Templates
  • Parts List
  • Hand Tool School Community Access
  • The Hand Tool School Tool Library & Sharpening Content

Limbert 244 Table for $50

Limbert 244

Part 1: The Design

I cover the design elements and the skill challenges ahead by reviewing the SketchUp model.   Then I discuss all the tools needed, and build a parts list and lumber shopping list to get the best color and grain match for the entire chest.

limbert table dry fit

Part 2: The Legs

I start by jointing and gluing up perfectly matched panels and then make a great big box with step by step instructions for making beautiful hand cut dovetails

Sunning Cherry

Part 3: Top and Shellac Finish

With a box we now need joinery to house the compartment bottom as well as the overall case bottom and drawer runners.  I build frame and panel assemblies and show how to cut wide grooves where a plow plane just won't work.

As Usual, we build it all with hand tools...

No electrons were harmed during the building of this table.  The joinery all hand cut and the curve cutting and shaping done with a turning saw and spokeshave.  

Everything You Need to Build this Table