Joinery Bench

joinery workbench
the apartment workbench

This Compact Workbench Could be Dubbed

"The Apartment Workbench"

Perfect for the small wood shop, this bench is compact yet stable.  It can be knocked down for easy transport in the car or just outside on that sunny day.  Build this great bench to act as a second bench specific for detailed joinery work or carving, or as an excellent solution for the apartment dwelling woodworking. The higher top reduces strain on your back and increases accuracy across so many tasks by bringing it closer.  The front vise is a beast capable of holding full sized panels or tiny strips of moulding.  Once you add a planing beam (discussed in the last video) you have a workbench suited for lower hand planing and milling activities in addition to the higher joinery, carving, and layout activities.  Included in this purchase is more than 4 hours of video, the SketchUp model, and a comprehensive magazine style Process Document for this project to guide you step by step.  Plus you gain lifetime access to The Hand Tool School tool library and online community forum for ongoing support and camaraderie.

joinery workbench

Part 1: The Design

Creating our templates and deriving dimensions from a photograph, an essential skill for building furniture.

Hancock Shaker Table turning

Part 2: The Top

Create a beefy, 4" thick top using Douglas Fir and wrapping it with a sliding tongue frame that is removable so the bench can be knocked down.

Part 3: Moxon Vise

Creating our templates and deriving dimensions from a photograph, an essential skill for building furniture.

the apartment workbench

Part 4: The Legs

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joinery workbench

Part 5: Accessories

Here I take care of the work holding with dog holes, a sawing stop, a planing fence and I create an add on planing beam which extends the function of this bench to include a lower planing height which can be removed when your milling is complete.

Wanna See the Joinery Bench in Action??

No electrons were harmed during the building of this table

Check out this video where I build a small project to demonstrate the "Apartment workbench" and how you can go from rough lumber to finished project all on this great bench design

Included With Your Purchase

joinery workbench model
joinery bench parts list

SketchUp Model of the Joinery Workbench

Parts List & Lumber Shopping List

Everything You Need to Build this Compact, Yet Capable Workbench