The Jack Plane as Your Only Plane

The Stanley #5 plane is colloquially called the Jack plane because it is a competent plane for many different tasks. I have often stated that it can be the only plane you use and this fact is a great solace for those just starting out with hand tools. Just one plane to buy and figure out takes a lot of stress out of the equation and quickly gets you working wood.  

Using this single plane you can go from rough sawn lumber to a finish ready board and when you add an extra blade sharpened with a curve you make that work even faster!

Jack Planes

Included in this Video:

  • 50 Minutes on How to Set Up and Use the Plane
  • How Additional Blades and Extend the Use of the Jack Plane
  • How to Sharpen Those Additional Blades
  • How to Mill a Board from Rough Sawn to Finish Ready
  • PLUS you gain access to the School Tool Library and Community Forum

jack plane camber

The wide open mouth and heavily cambered blade are the secrets to success when heavy wood removal is needed