Introduction to Hand Planes

introduction to hand planes

Hand Planes are one of the key tools for the hand tool woodworker.  But they can be confusing and there are so many options available.  It is confusing and daunting to the new woodworker.  This lesson was designed for the beginner who maybe just got their first plane or is looking to get their first plane.  I cover all the parts and what they do, then show how to set up the plane to take your first cut.  I close out this lesson by showing the technique and body mechanics you should follow to flatten a board efficiently.

Everything discussed here can be applied to smoothing planes, Jack planes, or jointer planes or any sized plane.  These steps are the steps I follow every time I pick up a plane and go to work.

In this 30 minute HD video, (edited from an Orientation Semester lesson) I cover the basic types of bench planes and all their parts.  Then set up the plane to take a cut and walk through the basic technique to get your hand planing in minutes.

Included in this Video:

  • The basics of hand planes and taking your first cuts
  • Access to Shop tip videos weekly
  • Accessto the Sharpening Video Library
  • Access to the Community Forum

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