Intro to Hand Cut Mouldings

Hand cutting (AKA "sticking") is one of the most fun you can have with hand tools.  Its a quiet operation that is surprisingly fast and the profiles you can create are truly custom and only limited by your imagination.

But antique hollow & round planes can be confusing so this lesson walk you through them and shows how with a single pair of #6 planes you can mix and match beads, fillets, and coves to create 30 or more profiles perfectly fit for the modern project.

Ditch the noisy, messy router and that army of router bits!  Pick up a moulding plane, turn up the music and get your steps in.  Welcome to hand sticking mouldings!

In this 67 minute HD video, (edited from a Semester 2 lesson) I use a pair of #6 hollow & round planes, a rabbet plane, and a shop made sticking board to show you how to layout and cut the elements of mouldings so you can mix and match and make more than 30 profiles with only those tools.