Hand Tool Cabinet

heirloom hand tool cabinet

Want to Improve Your Hand Cut Joinery?  This Hand Tool Cabinet Uses Almost all of Them

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This Hand Tool Cabinet was built as the "final" project in Semester 1.  It pulls together all the joints taught into one project.  Dovetailed cases, mortise and tenon frames, mitered doors, housed joints, sliding dovetails, you name it.  Plus it is designed to be very scalable to accommodate most tool collections and be organized to suit your working style.

The skills covered in this build are extensive.  Case design and milling boards is at the heart of it all.  Its a big project for sure and the repetition that comes from building and dovetails boxes will really cement your hand tool joinery skills.

Hand Tool Cabinet for $80

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cabinet prototyping

Part 1: The Design

The thoughts behind this case construction and how to build it to fit your tools through prototyping.

case dovetails

Part 2: The Case

Let make panels and cut dovetails, then more dovetails

dado dividers

Part 3: Interior Structure

All the housed joinery for shelves and dividers and drawer runners.

cabinet drawers

Part 4: Drawers

Tired of dovetailing yet?  Time to make 9 more boxes with veneered fronts.

cabinet doors

Part 5: Doors

The clamshell doors are the prime spot for your most used tools.  And a great spot to show off with mitered half laps.

french cleat

Part 6: French Cleat

This case is massive so we use the nuclear option to hang it.  The French cleat is bomb proof

heirloom hand tool cabinet

Part 7: Internal Organization

This part is kinda up to you.  Its your tools, your cabinet.  I walk through how I organize MY tools and the thoughts behind it.

As Usual, we build it all with hand tools...

No electrons were harmed during the building of this cabinet.  The skills used here will set you up for success in any project you can imagine with hand tools.  And it will be a valuable member of your shop once built to house and protect your precious tools.

Everything You Need to Build this Cabinet that will make you smile every time you enter your shop