Blind Mitered Dovetail

The dovetail joint is placed on a pedestal for so many woodworkers.  The irony is that the Mortise & Tenon does most of the heavy lifting in furniture.  However nothing holds together a corner joint stronger than the dovetail.  

But what if you don't want to see all that joinery and want a cleaner look?  Maybe a nice grain wrapping corner match?

I present the Hidden or Blind Mitered Dovetail!  A joint wrapped in mystique that strikes awe (and fear) into the heart of woodworkers everywhere.

Have no fear, this joint is no more difficult than the average dovetail.  In fact you will find it easier since none of the inner working can even be seen once assembled.  Come learn to cut it with me in this quick, 30 minute tutorial.

how to cut the blind mitered dovetail joint

Included in this Video:

  • Laying Out the Blind Mitered Dovetail
  • Sawing the Angles
  • Chopping Waste cleanly and how a strop is your friend
  • Paring in the 45 degree miter to a perfect fit
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The Mysterious Blind Mitered Dovetail

Learn how to cut the blind mitered dovetail, its simply a dovetail joint with 2 sets of pins.