Buying Lumber Guide

Convert Your Parts List into a Lumber Shopping List

Thank you for choosing to learn more about buying lumber and your interest in the Lumber Update podcast.  Sincerely I mean thank you because as am employee of a lumber yard I can tell you that the points covered in this video will not just help you get better lumber and reduce waste.  These points will make the job easier for the guys working at the lumber yard.  They will help them help you find what you need and ensure that you are a happy customer.  

Now as a woodworker who often spends hours agonizing on finding the right boards to make that perfect, seamless panel for a cabinet side or table top, I can tell you that going into your lumber buying trip prepared is the ONLY way ensure success.  

Shannon's Lumber Industry Update

Ditch your parts list and prepare a lumber SHOPPING list! 

(If you want to be fancy, call it a "take off" list)

Good luck with your lumber buying and hit me up with any questions you may have.  Either contact me through the Lumber Update site or use the contact forms here on The Hand Tool School for woodworking questions.

....and while I'm on about that check out The Hand Tool School and consider diving into the world of hand tool woodworking and learning how it can truly make you a better woodworker.

Choose How You Want to Learn Woodworking

with The Hand Tool School 

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"Semesters" Provide a Path

Currently there is over 600 hours of video instruction in the school library.  But it is not just random technique videos.  Our "Semesters" provide a structured curriculum that guides you in a logical path from hand tool zero to hand tool hero!  Techniques lesson are presented in a specific order.  Each lesson then presents a project that applies those skills. 

"Projects" Give You Context

Learning how to use hand tools in abstract is hard.  Those "dovetail a day" plans make you good at cutting a two tail dovetail but don't show you how to assemble a square box with dovetailed corners. The projects here have been developed to highlight specific techniques so you can learn to build your own designs and apply what you have learned.  

"Lessons" Focus You

Maybe you have built a few things already and consider yourself a seasoned woodworker. The technique library is hundred and hundreds of hours of stand alone, focused lessons built to answer the questions of students over the years.  

This is for the woodworker who has a question in their own work and needs a specific answer.

Sometimes you just want it all!  This is why I developed the "Apprenticeship" model that gives you a subscription to EVERYTHING!  Take a Semester course, or build a project, or watch a specific technique video.  Or attend a live Office Hours meeting and get your questions answered live.  Apprentices get access to the whole library of content that far exceeds just the semesters and projects.  They get unlimited support and they are the students who shape the library going forward.  I base all of my technique focus videos on the questions that get raised by the Apprentice members.